Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a smart hedgehog

I joined up with Mary T, awaiting news of when they were going to start to carry the Fashion Royalty dolls because I was still missing out on the Gretel, and we needed two. So I emailed another person asking if they were going to be picking any of them up, to which she replied no, but try the 3 new people on the list W Club sent out. So I sent out my 3 emails and waited....I get a email back from one stating she was putting them up right then, so I hurried! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! I managed to snag two of them, one for tabby and one for me for our blond twin girls.

I also happened to throw out/screw up my back atm I am not doing any painting, because I pretty much wouldnt sit/lay/sleep without extreme pain. I went to the chiro and he said he can fix me in 4 months XD....had my first adjustment...still sore, but tolerable.

1 comment:

  1. Well if it's tolerable then get back to work! *crack* Just kidding..

    You are the best right.. you know that... >.> I mean.. It's not just the gretel making me say that... <.< ... yeah!

    Haha :P