Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Randomess: Shoes & More...

I have come to find it amusing to me that my blog is called work in progress, yet I dont like to show things that are not finished. I guess thats the perfectionist in me but Im getting over it. So first up are some knitting projects Im working on. The first one was from a free online pattern site. I just loved this color so much but wasnt sure what i wanted to make with it, but I think this was a cute little pattern. Also, this is my new girl Psychedelic Erin that I was able to bring home from ShugaShug. I love this girl so much. Im really glad that I got the chance.

Next is another little project. I am doing this pattern off the top of my head and to start with I had no idea what I was even making. I kept turning it around saying..."do i like it like this way, or this, or this" until I have finally set on the look. I have one more strap to make for it but I do like how this turned out. This girl is the Rebel Spirit Amelie and after Tabby helped me with her hair I have decided to name her Manila after one of my favorite drag queens. Now I will have to make/get a lot of hot couture she will demand.

Last but not least I have picked up some Fashion Royalty Shoes and they are just fantastic. I got a pair from the monograms Echelon & Admiration. Also after getting the High Tone Rayne outfit & boots, I picked up the Mission Control Imogen boots as well. I also found that they fit my pure neemo pretty good which I believe the body I have is the Small. The Admiration shoes were a little tight but didnt need too much effort to get them on. I havent tried the boots on her yet, but they were just so sparkly and unique that I wanted to get them.


  1. Fantastic knit work, and awesome shoe finds!!! <3

  2. Hello from Spain: I like to post the progress of your projects. The boots are gorgeous. Erin is very pretty. keep in touch

  3. I'm totally fond of the shoes!! WOW!!!
    *droolin on the keyboard*