Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Before the work crazies sets in...

New knitting project Im finishing up. I wasnt sure how to block things that are small but a piece of foamboard seems to work just fine. I need to do the afghan too. 

What will it be!? :3

Also! I was going over my dolls and realizing some of them havent gotten on here. So heres a couple girls that sneaked in before hand while I was stalking the ebays and such. Really I dont think I have enough erins. I am getting the 2012 convention one coming up called Lady in Red. I havent seen her, but I kinda wish she had brown/black hair XD. I dont know its just so many of my erins are blond. Granted this is fine because Rin is suppose to be a model, so I can have a few erins be her. Maybe once I get her and the one I preordered Ill take a picture of my erin horde.

Fashion Royalty Dynamite Girl - Summer

Fashion Royalty - Capricious Natalia

Fashion Royalty - The Making of Erin S.

Fashion Royalty - You Look So Fine Erin



  1. I know what it is!!!!

    Love the colors!

    And your girls are so pretty... we need to see more of them! Even if it's not part of the "big" story, they can have mini adventures!

  2. Hello from Spain: your collection of dolls is gorgeous. I love all your dolls. Your work looks good weaving. I look forward to your finished creation. Keep in touch