Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pickups: Bratzillaz, MH, Vivo & FR's

Yesterday, I went out to target to see if they might have the Tim Gunn barbie stuff to take a look at. Sadly they did not, but here is some stuff that I did come across.
Braztilla Pet - I don't remember what one this is or pick this up, but its the frankenstein one. You push a button on its back and it meowed and barked. It reminds me of Catdog.
Next I found they had all the clothing packs for the Brazillaz. I am really liking the styles for these. I picked up the one for Jade - Romantic spell and the Meygana Broomstix - True Blue Style. It comes with a outfit for their pets but since Im not getting these Im not sure what to do with them. I tried these both on my Pure Neemo (I believe its a Small) and they fit her perfectly, though I didn't try the shoes from the Jade pack yet because they looked wide.
Here are two expansion sets for the create a monster thing. I guess theres a video up showing how to use it. I was talking with a couple people over on flickr, but the face has become sticky. I didnt seal it or anything because i messed that up but Im going to do a test on the body and see if its the different of the vinyl, since the head is soft and the body isnt. 

One back is called Nocturnal and the other is Mystical. The Nocturnal one is a puma/panther I believe as it has the cat tail, but the rounded cat ears. This set also glows in the dark! :3 The Mystical one doesnt seem to have anything special except I love the little crown! The thing is I don't see a way to attach this to a wig >_> so Im not sure how its suppose to stay on. 

Both sets come with additional packs of those tattoos and once again I don't know what Mattel is thinking because they just came out with those CAM torso packs (which I bought 2) but these packs have 2 heads, a torso, a set of hands, a set of lower arms, and a set of lower legs. There is no upper thighs or upper arms to these packs. I don't understand this action at all. Now I have parts laying all over my table because I cant put a full doll together.
For a while, I also have been looking over at Retrogrades blog and I really like this little alien creature she had picked up. I didnt know anything about it, nor did I ask but I ended up coming across it. They are called Vivo Stars and their packaging is just amazing to me...even the handle is a headband and the artwork does remind me very much of this Japanese artist work that I love. 

The one I got is Alie Lectric. They all come with a pet, and a glow in the dark moon stand. Clothing and shoes are removable and I saw additional clothing packs as well. Each Vivo seems to have a different feature and their arms and head are moveable. Alie here "blushes" (you push a button and she lights up and changes color). One of them talks, one of them is scented, one is all glittery, and one is a nightlight (which meh). I really do want to pick up the rest of these girls when I get a chance.
Last but not least the Fashion Royalty's. One I have had for a while but just didnt get to take pictures of him yet. The other one Tabby managed to grab for me from the dealer shes working with, so when she came up last weekend she brought her with. That one was the Tatyana I was having a nightmare trying to get from Susan's Dolls. I was afraid that all that drama might really turn me off from this lovely girl.
FR2 - Tatyana Alexandrova Nouveau Regime
(Dont know who she will be but I need to smooth down her frizzys)
Admos - FR Dark Romance Count Adrian
(His hair def needs some help)


  1. That is so weird about the CAM packs... it's like they listened, gave us torsos, and then turned right around and dipped back into the stupid barrel again.

    Someone at Mattel needs to be shot in the foot for all these bad Monster High decisions! SERIOUSLY. Awesome dolls, but no kid wants random limbs that don't make an entire doll.

    I REALLY want one of those little aliens, and they totally do look like Junko Mizuno, don't they?

    The Dunn barbies are up on the collector's website, so are their fashion packs... so go buy them there and use your membership coupon!

    You can wait on them a bit too and see if the site has another free shipping event during this coupon quarter.

    What I want to know is, where the heck is my Hunger Games barbie??

    1. Thank you so much! I seriously couldn't remember her name. Yes they do look a ton like Junkos work

      I just kinda wanted to see the barbies in person, but wait and use my coupon for sure.

      Apparently your Hunger Games girl went to the Tru. I saw her over there. >_>

  2. Hi from Spain: congratulations for your purchases. I like very much your stuffs. Keep in touch