Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bunch of new faces...

Here are Clash Control Erin & Tricks of the Trade Eugenia. 
Man she needs eyebrows -___-

Misaki - The Outsider (Special Version)

Shake it up Korinna

High Envy Erin

Making a Scene Erin

And in five days I get to see what my Erin looks like from the Tropicana Convention. I seriously want a raven haired girl! Please! Also with PetraElisa Im getting one of the Color Lab dolls because when theres a new body of course I have to add it to my stack of bodies. 
I am keeping my eye open for a Lucas because the Erins card does mention him, and then of course any Vanessa, twins, Agnes that looks like a bitch like SZ and well see what else catches my eye. All the overtime I got gave me a good budget to work with. Maybe Ill see about getting some fashion packs if they look nice.


  1. I love The Outsider Misaki! So pretty! ... and omg... that first girl DOES need eyebrows 0_0

  2. I love the Outsider Misaki too!! Shake It Up Korinna is beautiful!!

  3. Hello from Spain: all these dolls are gorgeous. Keep in touch