Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knitting WIP's...

I will be making a new tab that is going to have the items I knit for sale along with the prices. I will try my best to take a picture of it on each body. I will also take a picture of all the bodies lined up from shortest to tallest and add that. I am not sure if I will just make a bunch and sell those but also I do take requests. You can always email me and let me know if theres a color your looking for and such. Also know that there maybe some stuff I dont have listed that I can make so just ask :3

Current Body List :
  • Poppy Parker
  • Misaki
  • Dynamite Girl
  • Nu.Face
  • FR #2/Short Body
  • FR #3
  • FR Tall body
  • Brides of Dracula Body
  • FR Monogram
  • FR2 (FR Squared)
  • Unoa Lite
  • Barbie
  • Ken
  • Azone - SM Pure Neemo
  • FR Hoome/Dynamite Boy