Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Tropicalia Fashion Paradise Convention

So this weekend has come and gone. I got to spend time with tabby, we ended up going to the ren faire like we always do. This time I didnt actually buy anything but thats alright. I like going and looking at everything. 
This was the first convention I got to get involved with as far as I had gotten on PetraElise's list and she was helping me get dolls that I wanted from this years collection. I have to say shes a wonderful person to deal with and I pretty much lucked out on getting everything I wanted.

First off, I am superglad I have put a curb on my collection of tan girls right now. I had said I needed to give the girls I have now shells before I would bring anyone else back home. So a vast majority of these girls ended up being tan -WOO!- that saves my pocket. 

I picked up Lady in Red Erin, Color Infusion C, Workshop Poppy Parker, Color Infusion N, Tattoo Fransisco & Vanessa

2012 Convention Collection Line
In order:
Haute Société Véronique Perrin, Main Event Adèle Makéda, Peak Season Kyori Sato, Lady In Red Erin S., All White Now Collette D., Sweet Victory Natalia Fatalé,  Infallible Dasha, Hot Dots Poppy Parker

Friday Luncheon
Sea Breeze Poppy Parker & Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece & Table Giveaway

Friday Night Dinner
Force of Nature Agnes Von Weiss & Wrap-ture Anja
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece & Table Giveaway

Color Infusion Lab
So as you all know once i heard there was a new body I wanted to grab one, so I managed to get the platinum blonde girl which I think is C. They are all by letters for who they are. I got the Color Experiment 2 clothes pictured there on the left, and then after seeing there was a blond boy, I picked him up from someone selling him at a good price. So I am happy with these. The only thing is i thought i picked the more tamer of the outfits, but its a halter and shorts under a sheer dress. Everything was so bright and the colors....oh the colors XD

FR16 Tea Breakout Event
"Sheen Siren" Elsa FR16
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece Doll

WClub Breakout Event
Escapism Elise Jolie FR: Squared & Saint Tropez Victoire Roux
2012 Troplicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece & Exclusive
Final Night
High Profile Eugenia Perrin Frost & Fame by Frame Imogen
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece& Welcoming Kit Gift Set

High Point Vanessa Perrin
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive 
- This is Vanessa No. 3 i believe as far as her mold. I am loving it. I love the Vanessa's mouth so much and she captures this, so I did pick up one of her. Im not sure if her lipstick will stay that color though. - 

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