Monday, October 15, 2012

Knitting: Scarf No. 5

Here is another pattern I altered/came up with. I think its a good length and usually im super picky about how long a scarf is. I might just end up making them all the same length really. The tube scarf I think is 14/15 inches. I guess Ill just make another to see how I like the length. Ill probably start working on getting better pictures, and maybe working on my etsy.
My model today is the Color Infusion C Girl. I really love her and her new body. I sometimes feel the shoes for them are perhaps a little too big. I originally got the no. 2 as I thought this was the tamest of the outfits. It ended up being a coral bra/hot green shorts with a lace dress over it. Her booty is so big that I cant latch the shorts at all. So I kept looking at the other outfits, and I ended up getting the no 4 I think. This outfit looked so much better on the doll then in the package. I probably will just get them all. Theres some pieces Im not fond of especially the fur looks like a dead cookie monster, but she will need clothes. So I'll just keep my eye out here and there.
Waiting for the mailman to bringing us something good...turned out is not as easy as it seems. I decided and after some negotiating, to bring home a Mantra Eden. I have fallen in love with this girl so much and was trying to get her either just with all her stuff or nude and NJboy gave me a good price so I have been waiting for her to arrive. I swear the post office is just terrible. She didnt arrive on Saturday when she shipped Tuesday morning. My grama had been waiting thurs/frid for her so she could sign while i was at work. The tracking isnt working, and this is the second package I havent been able to track. None of this is the sellers fault. He went over twice and argued with them and on the 12th it tells me she finally left a differnt town of CA.  Im just so excited to see her and finally have her. Stupid PO...I dont trust this one thats closest to my work. I have to actually hand them the packages if they have preprinted labels. Twice this year they didnt scan a package and it arrived broken in half two weeks after i sent it and then an express international they shipped priority. So maybe this third times a charm? I will keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. Hello from Spain: this scarf is beautiful I wish you luck with your package. I hope you receive it soon .. Keep in touch