Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tattooing & stuff...

So I stated that Hannibal would need his tattoo done. I sat down and ended up getting it done last night which made me happy because ive been wanting to do this for a week or two now. So yay! Hes done. I still have to give him a couple coats of MSC to kill the shine from the gloss, but overly it turned out rather well. I stuck with the black but in "reality" its more a birthmark then it is a tattoo.
Hannibal - Dark God of Pride :3
My new boy Sippy - OMG hes not all black >_> but thats alright I wouldnt love him any less. Hes really doing rather well with the others. I think Harlow was tempted to lick him last night when they were in my lap, and he touched her a little with his feet, and she didnt seem to I think the others are coming around. Just needs time.
??? - Wild at Heart Eden reroot
??? - Your kind of model Kesenia
I love these two girls so much. I think the Edens hair is a kinda dark brown and its really soft and well done. I even got her dress with her that I didnt realize was coming so that made me happy. Kesenia is just beautiful. Her one shoe keeps falling off, and her purse is weird. It opens and when you let it go, it snaps shut I guess with magnets maybe? I kinda really feel it needs a chain...i might add one later. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like these tattoos. I agree with you: These two dolls are very attractive. . Keep in touch