Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organizing: Yarn...

When it comes to my yarn & storage of that said yarn. Its become quite a dilemma. I kept looking at pintrest and googled around a lot but I just didnt like the look of things or I was like well I like this, but I dont have a space to do it in. The other problem I had was my closet in that room had a weird nitch and you cant put anything flush against the wall in that corner.

So I decided finally to give this shoe rack that had been a home for my purses a try. I did end up liking how it looked, but I didnt like that the way it attched to the bar was with a velcro strap, so I worried about how much I could put in it without it falling off.
So! Low and behold I find these guys. I love it has a "heavy duty" handers on each end and you can add little shelves basically (these have to be purchased seperately) but i might not worry about it. Although I could use them to store other things like all the knitting needles and blocking tools if I get those. So they might come in handy later on.

I was more worried one of my cats would decide this was a cat house. But they have left it alone. I also had dreams i would wake up and they had pulled the yarn out of the bottom and had it all over the house hahahahah!

Overall I think this is going to work out perfectly for my yarn. Im going to need one more I think. plus this just makes me realize how much purple and pink yarn I have XD because its going to have to take up an extra cubby.

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  1. Neat idea! I like it :-)
    I think your cats are scared by the oscillating of the shoes rack