Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arrival: The Young Sophisticate Poppy...

So I had preordered this Poppy because first off her clothing didnt scream 50/60's to me. Especially when someone compared her dress to a dress currently at target. The only thing I dont care for is the little dog that comes with her. Im just not a dog person in the first place. I really like her hair color and the curls, but she is going to have her hair restyled because I just dont like this style. I might tweek her some especially her lip color and maybe come liner under her eyes.


  1. Yeah, her outfit feels more like the revival of the 50-60s style that's going on right now rather than actual 50-60s... but then... I guess that's just nit-picking at this point. LOL

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new doll. I adore Poppy dolls. They are always very beautiful and elegant. We keep in touch.

  3. She's so pretty! Mine will be here next tuesday :-) I'm a dog person, I have 3 dogs, so I'm really curious about the little dog! LOL!
    Don't worry, you're still awesome for me :-*

    ps: YAY! I can comment again! ^.^