Friday, August 9, 2013

Randomness: Organizing...

So as usual we had our craft day yesterday. Heather was going to go home earlier then we ususally end, but she ended up staying....making sure none of my girls were nakied (I have a terribly bad habit of not redressing) and then proceeded to put everyone together on my shelf, which we both agreed I need to put another one together XD


  1. Hahaha, you forgot to prop the one Erin back up first... it's hard to tell that she's keeping all the Poppy's locked behind that screen, HAHA!

    The Poppys were NOT happy.

    ... but are they ever?

    1. I did, but I also like how it shows way more disgust XD like OMG can you believe that bitch! haha >_> The erins are demanding to have a shelf all to their own....selfish girls