Thursday, August 29, 2013

WIP: Knitting...

Well its that time of year again where I have the Fall Blitz catalog to create, so I am going to be swamped again for a couple weeks ;___; first they were going to do it, then decided not to and gave me a flyer plan, then came back to it, and was going to make a catalog for those at the Backer show, and then turned around and decided to make the Fall Blitz again >_> seriously...

Anyways I seem to be in a knitting mood right now. I just have been working on a few things, trying some new patterns and such.
Two new patterns - I need to block these
Chunky Braid Scarf. This fits a FR & FR16. Its different then the Rapunzel pattern where you actually braid it, this is a cable pattern to mimic a braid. I like the look of them both.

Also here is a few pictures. I added these to my etsy as I am trying to take better pictures of the things I make for it, but I know I need to get some better bulbs for my lights.

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