Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A refreshing look...

I had gotten myself a Magical Lucy because I fell in love with her outfit. Everthing about it was so cute. Theres little heart shapes on the back of her heels and her stockings and necktie were lined with white so they wouldnt stain. This whole outfit was just perfect.

But there was just my issue with her face. I changed her default eyes but it didnt seem to help. I changed her wig, but I think I just didnt like her non existant mouth.
So I talked to Heather some about her, and how I was falling out of love with her and maybe wanting to sell her. In the end I decided that I would repaint her to see how it made me feel about her.
In the long run, this has made me once again fall in love with my Lucy. I just need to find her a wig. I do like the short hair style on her so now I just need to pick a color and go from there. I love my Lucy now more then anything :3


  1. Hello from Spain: you Lucy is lovely. Very cool, I like the makeover. Nice new hairdo.keep in touch

  2. Also Teresa here got a new hairstyle