Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Repainting: MH Frankie...

So probably a while back some of you might remember a picture that I had posted where I was starting to try out repainting a Monster High girl.
I wasnt really happy with her eye and ended up just leaving her upstairs and since it gets warm in the summer and I had used way too much gloss on her lips it just ended up becoming a huge mess. So I left her along for a while.

I then decided to try again, looking at some refereances and tutorials. I usually have ended up doing my pastels after I lay down paint, but this time I tried it differently. Sorry the pictures blurry, my camera phone is just stupid.
I really feel happy about this girl now. Im also happy about the style I ended up going for with her just really reflect a lot of how I draw as well. I need to just brush out her hair since its been left in a pony tail for a while and then Ill probably just end up sending her to ebay.