Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WIP: Knitting & more...

Just been really busy with working on things. 
Rerooting my Raili (shes gonna get her eyes redone colorwise) - I got most of it done but I had to order some more hair. She needs a bang line/part line still and I ran out. So far I am really loving this color on her. Next on my list is my poor Future Bound Luchia.
I am also in love with my little Koron & all the 1/12 scale girls. I have Chiika & Lein coming. I just need Aika. I think its because in these little guys they put actual ball joints. Even in the updated larger neemo bodies they didnt do this. I would have loved them a million times over if they had.
 Heres a little sweater I knitted for her.


  1. You know, if you're going to be a SkADaMo participant, you actually have to sketch every day :P

    Chiika's looking cute, and I love that sweater! XD

    1. Blarg!!! I forgot about november hahahaha >_>