Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekly Craft Update: Knitty & Purrrl

Ive been busy with preparing for the upcoming open house this next Monday. So I have been a busy bee at making as many wraps as I can before the months over. Im making about 3/4 that are going to fit the slimmer dolls; Azone/Unoa Light/Obitsu. 7 or so for the regular FRish size, and Im going to try and work in at least 2 for the Dollfie Dreams. So Im hoping to have maybe 15 total done. I also feel like Im really limited in colors because i have to use a thinner yarn, but then I raided my gramas horde....came home with 3 bags XD

So look forward to seeing new stuff at my shop the end of this month/beginning of April.

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