Thursday, March 19, 2015


This last weekend was just...I dont know so full of ups and downs and stress and I felt lost alot. My grama fell on Weds (just tripped or something) in her apartment. My dad was with her visiting and he called me ask about sending her to the hospital or not. I agreed to just send her over and I met him over there. They xrayed everything (i made them do her hip just incase) and nothing was broken. She just had a badly swollen knee and I kept asking if they were going to keep her overnight for observation, but was told that if theres nothing to be treated, insurance wont cover it.

I talked to the girls at the senior complex and they were asking me some questions and just letting me know grama was sleeping, and asking if i was ok with her eatting in her room which i said I wanted her to just take it easy and rest.

Friday I got a call. Grama was being lethargic, wouldnt eat, get dressed and just wasnt herself. I had her sent back over to the hospital, they did a catscan this time. I thought she had another stroke but that was negative but she that slurred speech/delayed reaction thing like when she had it. Her hemoglobin (stuff in your blood) was a 9 on weds (its normally suppose to be a 12, and since she had a fall this didnt bother them) but now it was a 8 and they were talking about transfusions and i had no idea if she was too old (ive never had this come up before, grama has polysythemia - where your blood is thick). The nurse was explaining things to me, saying that a person dropping like that in week is concerning, but this was a day and a half. So now everyone kept saying shes bleeding internally somewhere. I was scared, but trying to do everything to help her, to know what was going on without being too invasive. I went the next morning and grama was not herself from her behavior, being confused and refusing her meds (which i know when diabetics drop in suger they become combative sometimes), droppler was negative, they gave her a unit of blood because she dropped down to a 6.7 and the doctor came in and said he was sending a GI doctor over to talk with her, had to wait another day for that..he talked with her and she had no signs and he just said shes not bleeding internally. The other doctor came back in and said that the all the bruising in her leg had caused her to go anemic. I got a call from the place shes staying. They were concerned about her and asking how she was going and this just made me feel so good about this place - for them to call and be concerned was just kinda mind blowing. We never got that with my mom. The doctor talked about sending her home that night, but asked me what I felt, and i said just to keep her another day.

She got to go home on monday. We talked about things..important things that are uncomfortable but need to be talked about to make sure that no matter what happens, I know her wishes, and that she knows her choices are important. I kept telling her how lucky she was in not breaking anything, how much i love her, how special she is to me. She went from living on her own, driving, doing everything herself until she had that stroke. My grama never acted like a 94 year old woman. But when she had the stroke in August, it was one of those situations that make you open your eyes and realize "hey..shes is 94 year old woman" and its just starting to sink in. Shes had such a long healthy life for so long its just been amazing to me.

I really thought this was her final step. I had talked to myself..and to tabby over and over that weekend. I know no matter how much preparedness you do its not going to make it hurt less. Im just greatful that shes pulled through this and that I get to spend more time with her.


  1. Hello from Spain: I'm sorry to read that your grandmother is in the hospital. I wish she will be fine. . Keep in touch

  2. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother's fall, but good that she is recovering. Wow, 94 years young! I know you will cherish the time she has been given!

  3. <3 Thinking of you and your Grama. *hugs*