Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A new year - some reflection

Happy new year! I cant believe its 2016 already. I know I have kinda of ended up slipping some these past few months. I was busy making holiday sweaters that were in my shop and then with the holidays I was trying to think about how I wanted to focus this blog more and how I want to make it work better with what my interests.

I keep wondering if my blog is just all over the place, or should i just do better on scheduling myself which I know I have talked to Heather about a lot. My main focuses are (in I feel this order) Dollfie Dreams, Fashion Royalty (and 1/6ths), knitting and painting. I also started collecting some figures and I do have my artwork I work on as well. But I guess again that is the question. Do I just break things down into the week (as well as separate tabs above) to help show off those hobbies or make different blogs. Do you like where its more just pictures or do you want me to do more of a review or opinion. Do people want to know Integrity releases as I get them or are there enough blogs like that and I just dont need to add one more thing. I know I am not the best about making things clear sometimes but I can just try to do my best.

Monday: Dollfie Dream
Tuesday: 1/6th Doll
Wednesday: PVC figure
Thursday: Instagram
Friday: Work in Progress - Drawing
Saturday: Work in Progress - Faceups
Sunday: Work in Progress - Knitting

Im also trying to think about some kind of easier name to call this blog. Its always been work in progress which I guess does suit it in a way but I just am not sure if I want to keep it like that. Ill try to do some voting and just see if people are interested in my blog or just not worry so much about it. Im just trying to think about what would make this grow better since its a new year.

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