Monday, February 1, 2016

Cleaning out to make room..

I just am changing some focus so I decided to make a list of those that Im letting go. You can email me at


FR Homme Nude Color Infusion 2014 Ace McFly - $150
FR Homme Nude Color Infusion 2012? N - $200
Homme Nude Jem Riot Nude - $100
Homme Lady Thriller Nude Pierre De Vries Nude - $200
Homme Nu.Face Beauty Lukas Maverick (I have his box) - $175
Dynamite Girl Handsome Devil Damon (I have his box) - $100


Dynamite Girl ElectricPop Nude Rufus Blue - $100 (found out she is missing one of her toes. I think I might have a spare body to send with)
Dynamite Girl Boogie Beach Nude Etlin - Heather
Mood Changers Redhead Poppy Parker - $100
Color Infusion Shimmering Dynasty Katy Keene NRFB - $145
Shining Star Momogram (I have her box/dress - No shoes) - $150
ITBE Basic Collection Night Strike Monogram (hair washed/gently brushed) - $150
Nude Flight Control Kyori - $100
Nu.Face Young Rich Beautiful Erin (has a mohawk/bangs/body has yellowed) - Heather
Nude Mommy Dearest Joan Crawford (The white face with long hair) - $75
Nu.Face Nude Chrome Noir Erin - $100
Nippon The Gothic Dream Collection Misaki - The outsider alternate version nude - Heather
Shake it up Korinne (missing a hand) - $150
FR Red Zinger Dania Zarr - Hair washed/brushed/loosened. Comes nude but i do have the jacket/top and skirt (I dont know if i have the belt) - $200 Nude, $250 with outfit.
ITBE Basic Collection Dark Side Anja - $150
FR2 Bittersweet Eugenia - Hair untouched, has been rebodied to a nuface body - $100
Poppy Parker Nude Mood Changers Redhead - Hair untouched - $100
Poppy Parker Nude Loni/Sabrina - $75


Spring Song Poppy Parker Dress/Shoes/Extras) - $75
Out Of This World Poppy Parker (Dress/Shoes/Extras) - $75
Mood Changers Giftset Poppy Parker Green outfit - $30
Midnight Star Elise FR2 Dress & shoes - $175
Dark Moon Poppy Parker Clothing/Extras - $75 (I have the whole doll if someone wants it as well & the box/shipper)

Frill Cami Ruruko - $350

Rerooted Ruruko -


A drop of sand Momoko (hair has been cut and thinned, includes outfit/box) - $175

Hot Toys:

Captain Harlock -


Black Butler Sebastain - Sergio

Azone Picco Neemos:

Picco Neemo Chiika - $80
Picco Neemo Miu - $80
Picco Neemo Aiki Ver 1.1 - $150

Unoa Light:

Sekiguchi Unoa Light Butler Boy -

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