Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Fashion Royalty Spring Line...

So we were both pretty excited to see what was going to come. I told myself I was hoping there was going to be a Lukas, because i really want one...but not this time. I was really happy that they released a Auden. His hair is terrible....i dont care if hes suppose to be a hair stylist...my grama said it looked like plastic when i showed her my list......so not until i was done did i see how many i grabbed XD. Thank you tabby too for grabbing me the auden. I had a Tatayana but it looks like thats falling through...so Tabbys on a waitlist for her, so ill keep my fingers crossed.

Back To Brooklyn Collection - Auden

Back To Brooklyn Collection - Remi

Live, Work, Play - Giselle

Your Kind Of Model - Kesenia
The Sweet Smell Of Success - VĂ©ronique

Truely, Madly, Deeply - Agnes

The Happening - Poppy Parker

Bus Stop - Darla

My Generation - Chip


  1. I really, really like Remi! His outfit is great!

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  3. Hello from Spain: all Integrity Collection dolls are beautiful. Poppy Parker is gorgeous. Clothes and shoes are beautiful. The downside is that they are very expensive dolls.
    Keep in touch.

    1. The Dynamite ones are not too badly priced, they were 65. I know though sometimes people have really great prices if you look. I just got a Gasper in the box for 30, and im getting a FR short body for 25. It just depends on whose selling what.