Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wonderous Goodwill...

So much to Heathers suggestion, i have stopped by here and there a couple goodwills/volunteers of america shops. I really like the one closest to me because they have a nice new builting and all the clothes smell wonderfully clean. I have been picking up things here and there, but this was todays fantastical find...

The Blue Boy - Thomas Gainsborough

Only this is more awesome to me. I actually prefer this over the real one. Someone made a copy they painted, it has a signature of Simpson I believe. The lady said there was a sister painting to it,  but it was already gone when I got this one. Upon getting it in my house the bottom of the frame fell off, but it needs new glass/plastic so thats fine ill take it apart and repair it for my living room which is that nice dark blue.


  1. That is just... friggin... AWESOME.

  2. Hello from Spain: I congratulate you on your purchase. The picture is awesome. Keep in touch.