Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have done some thinking. A couple of my other skills is knitting and make jewelry and I have been seeing a lot of comments about how much they love the knitted things that FR send out from time to time with their sets.

My question is...are people willing to pay for such things. I know its handmade, many of my patterns I enjoy to knit because I hate when the knit is out of scale with the doll I guess the thing is...say I make a sweater, is it reasonable to ask for $25 bucks for it. 

My dad is always like...why dont you make human size stuff. I made myself a pair of socks that were this amazing hot pink/black stripe, but in order to get the pink i wanted, it ended up costing me $20 to make these socks that in the end I had to give away because for myself I didnt make them long enough. I enjoy making the smaller stuff for dolls because for one Im always picking clothing designs that dont flatter my build, plus it can cost quite a bit to make an item for myself that I might not be happy with.

I know for one many times things are hand made, and its the materials. Its just something I have been thinking about on how to make myself a little different in supplying the needs to the crowd basically. I guess I'm just trying to see what you think?

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