Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Manor: Celine...

After trying for a while I figured I would have to wait on getting a Gretel, with all the crap that was happening, it just seemed to slip through my fingers every time, or was just way more money then I wanted to pay. I finally found one at a decent price and now she is finally home with me! :3 I love this poppy dress so much on her, its the "Photo Pab" verson. I feel it makes her more herself then her bondage dress.

NuFace Gretel - Celine


  1. She is really beautiful, and I have to say, seeing her dress up close, I didn't really care for the breast cups on it. They weren't fitted at all. Kinda lame. The rest of it was pretty, so why scrimp there? This dress is much prettier :)

  2. Hello from Spain: you're right, the dress is wonderful and very pretty doll. Keep in touch