Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NRFB or no...

I have been pondering some more...

I am currently redoing my upstairs which will be my studio/craft area. I have taken all my books pertaining to knitting/sewing/clay etc upstairs along with all the Fashion Royalty/Barbie/Monster High dolls to be displayed on shelves I moved up there while I work on diorama stuff too. This way it will keep my cats from noming on any fresh doll limbs that might seem tasty.

The MH's I have no problem taking them out of their boxes, but the boxes are all in totes in the closet. So I think I have decided to just cut the backs off the packages and throw the rest away, that way I keep the little cute drawing and bio's which is what I have done with the fashion packs but dont have to deal with all these boxes.

The FR's get taken out of their boxes so that I can play with them and redress them, but I put the box back in the shipper and those get stored in the closet, because I know later it might keep a value if I still have it if I had to sell.

I have pretty much every barbie basic they came out the accessory packs as well as some random barbie collector dolls I have picked up here and there. Im trying to decided on taking them out of the boxes or not. I could get all the basics on one shelf if they weren't in the boxes. I know theres more value in keeping them in the box, though some I have kept in boxes for a couple years and they are not worth any more then what I paid.

Im trying to see what it is other collecters out there do...I have seen that some dont remove their dolls from boxes while some do. Let me know!


  1. For me, it *really* depends on the box.

    Is the box super cool, or is the doll set up really neat inside the box? Yes? Keep it in the box. No? Take it out.

    Also, do I intend on getting rid of the doll at any point, or think that it might be a possibility? Then keep the box.
    Do I intend to keep the doll? Toss the box (unless it's a super cool box)

    I know that my Pure Neemos might be worth more if I can say they come in their original box... but I don't intend to sell them, and I have so many that keeping all their boxes is just insane... plus, a lot of their boxes just aren't that interesting... so I've been tossing them.

    Same with the DD boxes. I know it might add value to the doll, but their boxes are *really* lame, for the most part, and flimsy, so I pitch em.

    But my Queen of Hearts Barbie and Tarino Tarantino Barbie? They stay in their boxes because they just look so awesome in them (although I'm really itching to take the Tarino one out, so she might not make it, LOL)

    Anyhow, my firm opinion on NRFB vs. RFB is this:

    On a case-by-case basis, figure out what will make you happiest.

    Forget the possible future value of the doll in box versus out of box.

    That shouldn't be why you're buying them, anyways. You should be buying them because looking at them and/or playing with them makes you happy... brings you joy... is fulfilling.

    If leaving them in their box makes you happiest, then do that.
    If taking them out makes you happiest, do that.

    Amy has taken most of her Barbie Basics out, and I have to say, they look much more stunning all standing together than they do in their somewhat boring little boxes... so if you have no love for those boxes, take em out!!!

  2. Hello from Spain: I always take the box with dolls because to take them into the boxI do not buy. I think the dolls have to dress, comb, change of clothes. If you are always on the box is like not having them. I encourage you that out of the box.Anyway, if you ever want to sell you pay more money if you have them in the boxunopened. Depends on what you do in the future with your collection of dolls. Keep in touch.