Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Iplehouse Tamer Luna Chimera Head
Iplehouse Tamer Luna Chimera Hands (I did the feet the same)


Also, Last week I just ended up taking a long vacation and Tabby & Ivy came up to visit. We had alot of fun, but didnt get any swimming in because it just decided to get so freaking cold I had to turn the heat on in June -____-

I managed to grab a You Look So Fine Erin, who arrived last week and I love her so much. The shoes are once again amazing. I know alot of people were not loving on her teeth showing, but I actually like them, its a little change from the Erins that I currently have.

So now I have: Young Rich and Beautiful Erin, Psychedelic Erin, The Making of Erin Salston, You Look So Fine Erin, and also the new one High End Envy Erin.

I also have a Metal Maven Vanessa coming (for Naamah, though she needs to be rooted blond) and a Count Adrian (for Admosdeus).

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  1. Lovely commission... but... why no pic of the Erin's face?!