Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Doll Ads: Equals Headache...

Im not really bitching...but I have seriously become aggravated every time I decide to look at the doll page ads. Most people list things for sale, and if you dont jump right on top of it, or pay right away, you pretty much lose out on what you wanted to buy. If you have several people PMing you about a doll. Tell the first person and then email the others with the response "I currently have someone else wanting this doll and am waiting hear from them" ...don't go through letting me pay a deposit, and then refunding it because the previous person went ahead and paid in full before me.  This happened before with another doll only it was more like...your not quick enough to respond. I pmed the girl at lunch and was waiting to get home to give a final ok out of like 5 replies, and she went and sold it to someone else. I don't know I just am getting frustrated with missing out on the ones I need...


  1. That's just bad business practice.

    I never give out my paypal to more than one person at a time.

    The only "race to buy" should be in contacting first.

    Yes, I can understand the person choosing someone who can pay in full over someone who wants layaway... but they sure as heck shouldn't agree to a layaway and THEN choose the pay in full person. That's just not cool. If they agreed to a layaway and took a payment, then they should honor the layaway.

    Me thinks Fashion Doll people aren't really as savvy on selling practices as some other doll communities are.

  2. Well and she wasnt even going to take a layaway, I gave her a deposit, and then was sending the rest Friday after I got paid, as she and I agreed on. I actually got money in from selling an item that I could have used, had she just ask, or just say I want this in full, and I would have paid it in full right then.

  3. Don't worry about it. Bad sellers have a short commercial life

  4. Hello from Spain: I feel the event of a purchase frustrated. Anyway the bad sellers will eventually disappear from the business. Keep in touch.