Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fashion Royalty: New Arrivals

I am working on taking pictures of the new FR's I got with my actual camera. I have been having a rather interesting arrivals at my house and I am really happy with them all.

Fashion Royalty - Dream Teen Poppy Parker
2012 WClub Upgrade Doll

Fashion Royalty - Les Silhouettes Victoire Roux - Avenue George V 2012

Fashion Royalty - Rare Creature Veronique

Naamah (she needs to be rerooted to blond)
Fashion Royalty - Metal Maven Vanessa

Morrow (needs to probably be rerooted XD)
Dynamite Girls - Back to Brooklyn Remi

Ebony (She will have black ears :3)
Fashion Royalty - Gold Stroke Adele


  1. They are all beautiful, but I think my favorite is Rare Creature Veronique! She looks like she's plotting something!

  2. I like everything you have there! I was thinking that I have to buy less barbies and more FR dolls, actually I don't own one. Yet. I 'm agree with Heather, Rare Creature Veronique is plotting something. Maybe a revenge for being photographed naked

    1. You can actually find some good deals...the Veronique I had wanted a while but no one would trade or sell her for less then 100, and i got her on ebay for 45ish. I still have the count too I forgot to take pictures of :3

  3. Hello from Spain: I love the Poppy. They are always very elegant and the clothes they wear is wonderful. Congratulations on your new doll. Keep in touch.