Monday, July 23, 2012

Monster High Create a Monster

Front of the box

Everything taken out and put together, I like the little pink lock they give you to keep it shut. I just sort of wished the handle folded down for better storage.

Where is my face!

Little Hidden compartment drawer for holding the templates and tools. I thought this was really handy. I again wished the other one was a drawer too.

Pick out your design then pour water in through the little cobweb hole. I dont know how much because it didnt really say, but i think I used enough. You have to the push the skull to pump water to the sponge. It didnt seem to be getting it wet and was leaking water into the lid, so I pressed the sponge to help it soak up. 

Then you set the body part in, and put in your template after pealing off the plastic. Line up the black thingie that holds the template, and theres arrows all over it, plus it clicks too also tell you when to stop. Lower the template by folding over the black thingie and press down. Theres a skull on it whose eyes blinks, then flashes faster and when it stops its done. I think it was about a minute.

Then your done! Now........I know I messed this up and her face turned out way to low, plus theres a spot where it pulled the eyelash off. I think what happened was I went a head and set in the head but thought I didnt have it right and moved it, which I had it right originally, but second guessed myself. I wish they gave you some kind of template tester to try a few times before you actually use the ones you have, and Im not seeing anything as far as a refill kit anywhere.

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  1. Hehehe, she's a droopy faced monster XD

    It's all really cute looking though... but you're right, they've got to get some replacement sets out stat!!!