Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WIP: Sage...

Well I finally have my girl done. I got a Decadence Festival Agnes who had painted on lashes as well as real lashes. Plus one of her eyes was higher then the other. So I just decided to turn her into my Sage. I rerooted her in a mixture of greens and painted her to have the slight bitchy look the Silver Zinger Agnes has.  She is on this body I found on ebay called like My Maid. It has two sets of legs, extra hands and feet and I really like the look of this body and the way it poses. So here is my Sage.
The only thing I was worried about as far as the body goes was her feet. They were high heeled shaped (she does have flat ones but they are stained) and so I took a look at the shoes I had. Thank you Integrity! She can wear the shoes of the Color Infusion (Jem body). Now I just have to hunt down a pair of black ones. I just dont see the blue suiting her personality.


  1. I can feel the breeze of her bitchyness from the pictures! Great great job!!
    I saw other two versions of Agnes and I like them too!!

  2. Hello from Spain: great job. This doll is awesome. Keep in touch