Friday, March 15, 2013

Status: Whats new pussycat...DMC!

So I havent been able to post as of late, I got sick and was helping with moving, and moving again, and this and that and its just been crazy, but a good crazy. Works been keeping me pretty much swamped for the last two weeks or so. Ive almost got two commissions done, which I hope to finish up this weekend so I can ship it before the 18th.

I got my hands on a Queen V and Obsidian Vanessa both decently priced so Im really happy to have these grail girls with me. Some left, and I have a couple new ones, so Im working on better assigning characters to them. So Ive been working on that aspect as well as Im thinking of moving my craft room from upstairs to down, which after talking it out I think thats the best thing.

I was thinking about possibly making a section for game reviews, I still might do it, but Im not really a great writer in expression what I think about these games. I might try or at least some help. I never thought much of this strictly being a doll site. Just things that i enjoy.

DMC: Devil May Cry (Reboot)
I know this game is a reboot and its a new company's interpretation of the character. I started to understand things better as I did research to, as to when they refer to Dante as Tony (its in the anime, and one of the novels) and this was suppose to be a branch of resident evil. The spirit that is Dante is dead. This character they've given us I just cannot care about. They already had a young version of him in DMC 3, and granted while he was ....annoyingly terrible....he still was the wise-cracking Dante we knew and loved. I played the demo for a bit and while I do like having Limbo shifting and such and other mechanics, the music isnt what Im used to and I just cant get used to the fact this is Dante.
When I bought the game I got a code to I think change him into Vergil, who also went throught the same character cutting in a sense. I also found out that they did finally make a skin that they are calling "Classic Dante" but I dont know if its too little too late of a thing, and it makes me angry is this is something Im going to have to pay for just to be able to actually play the game.
What was wrong with him being half human/half demon who loved pizza and strawberry sundays? It made him more into connection with people then now hes half angel/demon emo boy. The devil trigger is a joke. You can use it, but all it does is turn him into a white hair version with a red like satans giving him a bad fashion sense as his talent.
me too Grown up too...

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