Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Intorducing: Queen V...

I managed to bring home this girl while perusing Manadrake for Misaki stuff and just happened upon this Queen V. I did some research and found out originally she was $400 (shipping and all) when she was released. I decided to just go ahead and bring her home since it was a really good price and she was still in her box, she just doesnt have her shipper, which again isnt a big deal to me. much cat hair >_> but its winter and everthing has static.
Man I just love everything about her. Her dress is amazing. Her little crown/jewelry and such. The only problem I had was with the white pair of shoes she came with. The ruffle is leather like the shoe and you can see the brown color on it. Well i went to un-velcro the shoe and the ruffle just came almost off, like after age the ruffle deteriorated, or the stitching cut the leather to just fall apart. So I'm just trying to decide but I think since its falling apart I'm just going to remove the ruffle entirely on them. Then I don't have to worry about it. For now its just put away.


  1. Hello from Spain: Your new doll is awesome. I love her clothes and accessories. It's all a gem. Keep in touch

  2. WhoHooo for your holy grail girl! Amazing!!

    Oh, and great review of Devil May Cry! Too bad that isn't published in Italy. Please, keep up with the reviews.

    Happy Easter :-*