Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update: what have I been up to..

Things have been a little busy as of late. My bithday was last month, and then we had Mothers day, my Gramas 93rd birthday and Fathers day. I also have been working alot as we had a sales meeting and then I also dropped a monitor on my foot when I was trying to clean a closet. So that put me out of commission for about a week. I didnt break anything, but still that wasnt any fun at all.

For Monster High, I picked up Headmistress Bloodgood and the 13 wishes Howleen & Lagoona. They had the deluxe ones but I just passed on them right now. Im really kinda excited on the new line too but in a little bit I kinda think these might be boring to me. I think its just because of how my personality is I really just click with the Monster Highs. I guess well see where they go with it.

Heres pictures of the new line. They seem to be prototypes.

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  1. HAH! You need to do an update on your new DD girl... and you absolutely need a before pic, so that when you repaint her mouth we can see the difference!!!