Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dollfie Dreams...

I have gotten out of the resin hobby pretty much. I have my few and thats all Im going to keep. Theres just too much drama going on and everything that Im just tired of it and after about 7 years, I think changing focus is a good thing.

The only thing I ever decided was that I wanted one Dollfie Dream. I ordinally had a Alna but I just wasnt clicking with her at all so she went to live with Heather. Then I had a Neris but eventually she went to find another home.

The one doll I really wanted was a Saber, and at the time they did the preorder and had two Sabers offered. Then came the dilemma of which Saber I wanted. One was normal skin and I liked her eyes, the other was WS but I liked her dress and wig. So I kept wishy washing and ended up missing the preorder by one day.

I finally ended up finding a reasonably priced Saber.
I haven't come up with a name for her yet. I just call her Saber and her hair wasnt intended to be blue but as soon as I put this wig on her and gave her a little ponytail nothing else seems to work with her at all.

Then I was talking to my friend Mandy who had gotten a DD Sister Nanami. I saw her orginally but just passed her up as she just wasnt quite cute enough I thought. Then I came across a repaint of the Nanami where they had given her a little open mouth. I loved how much it changed her face so after looking around I found that We love dolls still had one in stock. So she ended up coming home to me.
Again this girl I just call Nanami for right now. This is her default wig but I changed her eyes. Im not sure if their going to stay purple, but I like the shape of them in her. I love her little pig tails. Im going to paint her mouth to be a little open as I like that look alot and I think the rest of her facepaint is fine.
Heres also a few little things I knitted up for them. You can see also on Heathers blog the finished sweater here on her doll Pidge.
I also got some of the volks "large" hands. When I first looked at these I went holy crap these are massive but then I started to look at certain things. Saber has a large head compared to Nanami so when holding the hands to the face you can see it proportionally fits in covering her face. I actually always felt DDs hands were small to begin with, but if they are on a doll with a small head I think its going to make it look off.

So after all this I keep feeling like I want to own a million DD's but then I sat down and looked at the face's and realized there was alot of them I dont like. So I have decided that 5 is the most Im going to have.

I actually love Pidge so much and we were trying all these wigs on her and shes so cute in all of them that I was just going to buy her even though her price is high. Then Heather showed me that Volks for probably the next event is re-releasing the Mariko but this time in a Semi-white skin. I am so happy, so Im keeping my fingers crossed I can bring this girl home.


  1. It's a good list, I like it! XD

    Yeah DD girls are so cute... and I adore Alna... I was so glad you gave me the chance to buy her again! Selling her = biggest mistake EVER.

    1. Yeah I think like looking at their head shapes/sizes and the fact Saber and Aoko are from the same line. No one seems super happy....well maybe nanami...but shes got additude XD