Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Arrivals: Kyori/Poppy/Azone...

Heres just a few things I didnt get a chance to get pictures of until now. I have a couple of the Wclub exclusives ordered, but they wont be in I think for a while/later in the year.
Irresistable in India Poppy Parker - This girl has the Bergdorf screening which is one of the Poppy's that I had come to love so much, but shes super out of my price range/what Im willing to pay really. So once I heard this I went ahead and got her. I really do love her screening & her hair style. Im not sure about the gold dress, I feel like she needs a better material then that satin. Its just too much screaming Barbie I guess to me. I do love her little gold shoes.
Love the One Kyori upgrade doll - This one really reminds me of the poesie Agnes/Vanessa brides. I think I am going to give her liner on her bottom lash area because I saw someone mock it up with the promo pictures and I really liked the look of it. Possibly might change her lip color to a more pale hue. Im also not sure if I'm going to swap her body as well.
Lethe - London Calling Dani - All together this girls clothing just doesnt feel like it works at all together, but once we took it off her, it looked better as in parts/mix & matched with other clothing. I ended up switching her body with my Tropiclean Erin (who has now become Neva) because I wanted her to have a shorter body to go with her friend Lyric. Im probably going to end up repainting Dani because this green is just overkill for who it needs to be, but her hair is perfect.
I bought the two Black Raven 50cm clothing cat maid outfit things. I havent gotten the white one just yet, but its on its way. The only thing is that the undershirt is so tight on the arms I had to remove the DDS's lower arms to wiggle it on. The stockings also will not go on the DD because of her feet being too big. I am thinking about getting an Obitsu 50cm body because I have been wanting one of these for months now and the DD heads dont look bad on it, and I can switch up my bodys a little :3

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  1. Yeah, since Azone are 50 cm and DD are 60... there will be a bit of outfit discrepancy, especially in the sock area, since the 50cm's feet are more like MDD than DD size XD