Monday, July 8, 2013

Dollfie Dream: DDS Mariko...

So I have to say a big huge thanks to Volks. Heather is no help every whenever she brings over dolls that I kinda passed up on XD especially the Mariko. No matter what wig we put her in she looked so adorable. I even showed my grama this girl the other day and she really liked her to.
So now its its the Dollfie Dream 2013 Festival event thing going on July 8th - July 15th. This is a lottery as usual from Volks, so winners wont really be announced until the end of the month. I just really hope I can end up winning one of these girls. Its really funny because I had said screw it and was going to buy the white skin verion, when Heather showed me that they re-released her.
They this time around have released her in the semi-white skin. I am not a big fan of white skin. I have always been afraid of staining the dolls, but I feel Im less self conscious about it with the normal skin ones, or most of the dolls I love have been the normal skin. My magical lucy arrived, and she is the Semi-white skin so I can see how it compares to the other two skintones and I really like it alot. So Im happy this girl will be coming in it. I think they are going to be releasing some optional parts for the semi-white skin bodies. I couldnt really tell I just caught a glimps and kinda am guessing on it.
Heres all her extras she comes with. I really have no interest in the schoolgirl outfit. Im probably going to keep her bag and wig. The best line of her description: M bust - I was much smaller and more delicate then I am now.
Wish me luck!