Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP: A Questionnaire...

I saw this over at Heathers blog and decided to just fill it out this time to give a little more about myself. There was another questionnaire I filled out but realized I hadnt posted it. I should get on that.

1. What made you decide to start a blog?
Ive had a few blogs, but nothing was really consistent, I just tended to lose interest, or just didn't really know or have a focus that I was. But this time around I wanted to just have a part where I could show off my work as well as give my options about the things I had picked up or collected. Plus alot of it is the worlds that Tabby and I have created, and the characters in it...there was so much going on that I wanted to have a place to focus it, and since we were changing our scale to 1:6 from 1:3, it just seemed the right thing to do.

2. What blogs are your inspiration? (please link to them!)

Roville's Blog, Desperately Seeking Dolls, Jointed Love, All 4 Barbie, Jadepixel Doll Lab, Snowfern Clover - miniature foods 1:12, 1:24 & 1:48 dollhouse scale, Two Crazy Crafters, Miniature Treasures, ShugaShug - I have alot of blogs I follow, but these are kinda my top ones.

3. How do you decide what to post?
Sometimes heather harasses me XD ....At first I was like...Ill just post one wants to hear what I have to think about this! But as times gone on, Ive loosened up more on this view and just have started to talk more about what Im posting. Theres still some things I want to talk about, but Im not fully sure how they reflect in what I do, or how to show how I deal with it I guess.
4. What have you learned through blogging?

Just to not worry about what people think and to just post what I want to post, some people will like it, some wont.

5. What is the most aggravating part of blogging?
Either waiting for things to come in, or I just get busy with work that I dont have time for my side projects. I had pictures I had to take and just couldnt motivate myself to do it, but for the longest I didnt know I could schedule posts XD thats been rather helpful. I try to at least post 2 a week. I also have to re-read my posts a few times before I post, because sometimes I ramble...or it doesnt make sence.

6. What is the most rewarding part of blogging?

I really like seeing how others work, what they can come up with and such. I also need to work on commenting on others blogs. I read/follow alot of them, but Im kinda a person who doesnt talk much about things. 

7. If you had infinite money to spend on your blog, what would you do?
Meh theres too many of these really that I cant pick just one...ahaha >_>...although a definite would be dioramas.

8. Do you prefer blogs that tell a story or that share random posts?
I like both really. It keeps the blog interesting when things get mixed up.

9. What is the coolest feature you've ever seen on a blog (like Friday Favorites here... or weekly polls about topics, or anything that is a recurring feature)
I do like when I can see when things I am interested are coming out, or when people have like, actual pictures of a doll and such. I have really come to hate company photos, so seeing one elseware and their options helps.

10. Would you agree that it is not the journey that you enjoyed but the lesson you learned and if so what was the lesson?  
I dont know...sometimes its just one and the same...I know that the life that Ive been handed I just try and deal with. I had really bad anxiety and ended up realizing that I needed help..and I knew there was nothing wrong in getting the help either...and man has that really just changed things and such..and Im doing alot better. 


  1. Hahaha, first of all... post on my blog and link to this... so if anyone else wants to read it they can... and second... how did you end up with the last question from the other list XD HAHA!

    And yes... post more. I do prod you XD
    I would love to see more posts about the dolls you have... I think no one has a clue how many there are... LOL. And of course, I'd like to see more posts about the story you and Tabby are making too... even if it's just text. MORE! HAHA!

    1. I have no idea...I think I started out with the previous questions, and then changed them XD....and thats how that last one ended up there. Also made sure to post over on you blog.

  2. I'm totally agree with Heather :-)

  3. Hello from Spain: I like to read your answers. I agree with you. It is always interesting to visit other blogs. Thanks for reading my blog often .. We keep in touch.