Friday, August 2, 2013

Pickups/Arrivals: Look what I found...

So my Anja came in. I had a picture of her with all her stuff, but something happened with my card and I think it might be lost :< Anyways....She arrived and shes just beautiful. Im not sure still about the lip change on her and getting her out of the box her hair is just going to need some help. I love her details and everything.
So I was out with Heather and Amy and stumbled upon these guys. Honestly their trolls XD but I have a weakness for creatures with down pointing ears..they have really fantastic box art and theres 3 different sizes. The first are tiny little ones that come in pots, and their like the blind bags. Then theres the medium ones which were the ones I got, and theres a large size. I dont like this size because it looks a lot less like the artwork. Its something about not increasing their eye size like they should have.
And since Heather posted her Chiikas...I thought I would post mine together as well. I have the Witch of Heart original & 1.0 version. I like the 1.5 version as well, but I really wished they had changed the actual outfit color, not just making it white.

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  1. You know, you could always get the purple haired Chiika kitty and try dying her outfit!! :)

    I LOVE THE TROLLS... I have to go get myself a medium one today -_-

    And your new girl is awesome :) I like her lip color, personally, it works with her look.