Monday, August 5, 2013

WIP: Knitting/Commission...

I decided to try a skirt for one of my dollfie dreams. I knitted up the band and then turned it into a skirt. I think it would be a little longer and Im thinking about evenutally making a snap/button in the back, since dollfie dreams have such a tiny waist. I have to think about it some, plus a lot is trial and error at times and for me to see how it looks.
I really like this color, and I laid the dress down over it, and they look really good together. I just need to block things so that the dress stops rolling up and to just stretch it out a little. Other then that I like it. I showed my dad and he said it was very see thru. I laughed and said that was the point XD
 Current WIP commission:
Mai Kawasumi (Kanon)


  1. Your last image isn't working... 0_0

    The skirt looks awesome!!!
    You need to take better pics of your faceup work though... that one is so dark. -_-;;

    1. its weird cause it shows up for me, but its just a picture of Mai. Ill see about a different one.

      And i lightened up the faceup pic