Monday, September 16, 2013

New Arrival: Irresistable Dania...

When the last webinar rolled out I didnt really see anything that really grabbed me but I picked India Poppy and Dania. I had told myself I wasnt going to bring home any more tan dolls, but when I saw these two I changed my mind. I do see in her the Optic Clash Dania in her along with her hair color being similar. I really do love everything about her. I know her top is a pop collar but it lays down just fine.
I might end up doing the same as I did to my Love the One Kyori where I gave her liner underneath. Ill think about it or play with a picture of her. Still have to think about who shes going to be.

I actually got my project for work done on time and its off to the printers as well as our mailer, its a little weird this year not being overwhelmed but at the same time I am really greatful for it. Ive been working on making some turtleneck but Im going to have to work in a snap in the back. Its just way to hard trying to get them on and once I get them on Im not sure about how Im going to get them off hahaha. So Ill work on that.


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome doll. She is beautiful. Keep in touch

  2. My friends caught her, she's stunning! I have Captivating Anja, Ambitious Kesenia and Splendid Jordan, i love them most :P