Monday, September 23, 2013

Arrival: DDS Mariko (SWS) ...

I ended up having a little break this week since I got everything done ahead of schedule for me at least so I was able to be home when this girl arrived. Meet Mariko (Student Version).
Seriously I love this girl so much, even my grama was complimenting how cute she is (she loved Nanami too). Her wig/eyes are the defaults. Its really all Heathers fault XD every time she brought over her Mariko and was trying different wigs on her and such I just fell more and more in love with her. I really am thankful they re-released her. She is in the semi white skin color which I really do love and my Lucy is the same skin color as her, Nanami and Saber are normal skin.
I dont like her student outfit. I never really have been big into the schoolgirl look to the Dollfie Dreams, so I decided Im just going to sell that. I wasnt sure about keeping her bag or not through. I think Im just going to let it go with that as well.

Shes modeling a sweater I made for her (I need to make the body a little longer as I just like that style myself) but this was kinda a test sweater, but I love that yarn alot so Ill probably grab another ball of it. Ill probably make another one to test on Heathers Mariko since she has the larger bust to see how much thats going to make the sweater pull up XD and how much room I need to give it in the bust hahaha. I put the Moe (ver 2) outfit on her and she looks so cute in it.

So now I have Mariko, Saber, Lucy and Nanami. I have the Azone Utena in December, but she is kinda in a league of her own.

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  1. Hello from Spain: Your new doll is very pretty. I like her sweater. Keep in touch