Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pickup: Fairy Tale High...

I happened to see these girls and grew rather interested in them. They are called Fairy Tale High (made by S K Victory in NY i believe) and in a way sort of mimic the Ever After girls. I did watch the little show they had on their website and its really not appealing to me. The animation/voices are all off. So I decided I wasnt going to get them all. I just wanted to focus on one.
From left to right its Tinker Bell, Alice, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Bell.
I decided that of all the eight of them I really loved Rapunzel out of the bunch, so that was the one I was going to get. I kinda had been keeping a eye out at target/TRU for a bit and just stumbled on them the other day.
I really like the packaging though not so much the back, maybe I just feel its reall busy looking, like I dont like there being the pictures of the show thrown on it. It just takes up too much room. I did get her out of the package I just need to take some more pictures but overall shes cute and I like her slender body except her arms are not made correctly to where she can bend them to touch her face or even a 90 degree angle is hard to do and the cant bend their knees too far either. I wish they had given her bangs like her drawing....actually a lot of the dolls done look like their illustrations hair-wise.Her hair is super covered with gel to hold her curls so Im not sure about how it will look once I wash it. Im going to have Tabby look at her and see what kind of hair they used for her.
Also she super reminds me of this girl ... >_> I mean....shes got blond hair no bangs, and wearing purple. Yeah thats really close ahahah.
I was looking over all the girls while trying to find Rapunzel, and I didnt see her, so I was kinda still wanting to get one to look at and I did like Cinderella next out of the bunch, but then I did find Rapunzel and was trying to decide who to get but just ended up getting both when I saw she has clear heels (which I want to try on my color infusion girl).
So I got her too. Again you can see how her hair doesnt even match her drawing (which I would have liked a lot more) But again the rest of her looks rather nice. I like her clothing set. Her hair wasnt really gel/glued at all and kinda holds that cute curl to the back.

Overall I like these girls alot. I just wished their bodies actually were a lot more pose-able. Some of the girls have kinda cheepy looking outfits, while others dont look too bad. I might just keep my eye out for clothing for them but thats about it. I really do like their shoes too, I just need to see who else they fit.

My one other thing is that theres just something way off with the facepaint on the both of them from their promo pictures. Im going to take some pictures to compare but in the long run Im just going to end up repainting them to make them more how I want them to look. Probably also throwing in some bangs for Rapunzel.


  1. These clones are fun and interesting at the same time. We don't have this sort of dolls in Italy, only Barbie clones and (ugh) Winx clones, that are already awful in the "official" version, figure out what can be a Winx clone! Yes, I hate Winx...

    Can't wait to see your repaints :-)

  2. I wish their arms posed more nicely!