Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Knitty & Purrl: February Works

So after making a better plan about how i was going to be doing things, ended up going out the window as its that time of year again...and I got slammed with work. We have a open house in two weeks, went through a buyout, so I wasnt even sure if I was going to have a job. We now work for Phillips, and are going to be one of the hubs basically because they like what we do and how we run. So well see what happens as the year goes. I did make it clear to my boss that if I work overtime I was bringing in my Mina. Shes such a good girl and keeps me company when I needed it most. :3
So with all that out of the way (now its the little stuff of making copies/packets/mailing stuff and the usual routine I have as well) I will say that I was a good kitty and even though it was delayed, I got done a good amount of sweaters for this month.
You can check these out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnittyandPurrrl
February's Pattern: Raglan Turtleneck Sweaters

A big thank you as well to Heather for taking all these pictures for me as well as promoting them on both her blogs. I really appreciate it. They are The Traveling Twig and The Majokko Shop. Heres a couple pictures of what I listed and we tried these all one the different body types. Tabby actually loved the pink one so much that she stole it for her Cora (Obitsu) and I had to make another :3 but I dont mind.

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  1. Yaaaaaay!!! Love it!!! Keep up the good work, lady! :) Your sweaters are so lovely :)