Friday, February 14, 2014

Alternatives to MSC: Liquitex

Liquitex Professional Waterbased Satin Spray Varnish

I was trying to find basically a replacement spay to Mr. Super Clear as I just want to get away from the toxicity of the spray itself. I know theres ways to deal with sealers and airbrushes, but with currently not having a airbrush/skills to use one, I just want to get another kind of spray. Orinally I wanted the Vallejo one, but I am really unable to find it anywhere, so I went with the Liquitex.
For this I was trying on a unoa faceplate. I noticed that the coverage wasnt smooth and it was sort of beady looking. Doesnt dry as quickly as the MSC. Even though its waterbased I could not get it off my hand/rings and they felt sticky. I ended up using paint thinner, but this still did not take the spray off.  I tried to just let it dry and see what happened. The painting part wasnt so terrible, but when it came to the pastels it wouldnt let me build up/blend my pastels. Pretty much I dont like the feel of it at all, its drying time, its strange smell XD 


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