Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mondays Update: Taking a break..

Oh Michigan, how I love your strange freakish weather....we had some nice warm days and then all of a sudden lets have snow again! ~grumble~

With a lot of stuff going on this month like Easter and just other things I have coming up this month, Im going to just be taking a break from knitting this month. I somehow also hurt my thumb. It swelled up and was painful, and then it turned black and blue so I thought I busted a blood vessel or something. Its still bothering me a little, so if anything Ill go see someone about it, but thats sort of why Im also taking a break and figuring out what this problem is before I pick up with another pattern.

May I think will be a skirt pattern. Ive been wanting to make one for a while. So look forward to seeing what I will come up with.


  1. Hope you feel better soon :(

  2. No dammit, stop with the skirts, we want socks!!!! XD

    In all seriousness though, skirts could be interesting, but based on the ones you've made so far, I would say to aim for using an even less bulky yarn... as thin as you can get it.