Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update: Whats going on this week...

I had gone to redicare to see what was going on about my thumb. They think I have a slow bleed and put me in this immobilizer for my hand..which was a good thing I ended up taking a break this month since I couldnt do anything for a couple days. They said if its still bothering me to go back to my reg doctor, which I already have an appointment at the end of the month, so Ill bring it up then.

Ebay Auction:
This has about a day to go, but I painted a DD07 Semi White Skin to be a kinda inspired Rainbow Dash. I even put a little cutie mark on her butt.


  1. GAH! What's going on with your thumb???

    1. it swelled up and was so painful to the touch...and then this bruise started and spread along the thumb and went away...I didn;t hit it or anything, and it came and went, but didn't swell up till this last time. Im still going to have my reg doc check it out.