Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly update: not much going on..

This week has been a little slow. I did a lot of purging things that I just never use or have just decided that I dont want anymore, so I was cleaning out my house basically. So thats all set and taken care of.

Now that its going back into May, Ill be going back into my knitting again. So look forward to this months pattern that I come up with.
They have the two new Dollfie dreams for the next dolpa I believe? I dont know its another volks event. They released Rin and Ranko. I had preordered Rankos figma because I just loved her design so much, and now to see it in a big doll makes me really happy. So once they have a lottery Ill be entering for her. She does remind me a lot of Melty, so it will help that I missed out on that girl. They both come with their stage outfit. Their regular dress outfits will be seperate.
Rin Shibuya
Ranko Kanzaki

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  1. I'm purging stuffs too!

    Dolfie Dream dolls have soft boobs?