Friday, May 30, 2014

Update: Whats been going on...

 Lots of stuff has been going on, which has thrown my schedule all off this month. I had been working on making myself a blanket, since I never have. I call it Dragon Scales because of how the squares are going to lay together. So Im working on that. Its also getting to be warmer, so I might at least get as many squares done but put it away so I can have it for later in the year.
My poor kitty Jack has always kinda had bladder problems. I had to take him in again and talked with the vet who told me they wanted me to feed him wet Royal Canin. I took a case home and for three days tried to get him to eat it. I put him alone in the bathroom, put water in it like i do but he wouldnt touch it. I tried to put cat nip in it as well but when I went back in there he had gotten in the sink where the nip was and it was all over the bathroom. Salem ran in and instantly started eating the food. So they let me bring it back and told me there was large bag of dry food they could sell me for $60. I really was upset about this because I wanted to change their food (this is a prescription kind) especially since I have 3 boys. My work has stopped selling Royal Canin, but I ended up being able to buy about six months worth of food for my kitties.
In my Dollfie Dream news, I totally ended up missing out on the lottery for Ranko which always seems to be my luck. I really had been watching everything but still ended up missing it. I know too there was no guarantee I was going to win her, but it was more the thought of not having a chance. I was upset because I figured I was going to have to spend alot of money to get her. I checked a few sites, and ended up finding a nude girl on Rinkya. It was a perfect price, I didnt want the white outfit and I can just find her grey wig and black outfit later. So Im just waiting for her to arrive at the warehouse to be sent to me! :3

I did get Niima's Head & Default eyes. I really love her face/shape so much. I think this girl will be my Mori style girl. Right now she and Saber are sharing a body until I get her one of her own.
Here are also some of the other girls that arrived this month. Touch of Frost Eugenia and the new Ruruko.

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  1. Hahaha, all this news! I love your blanket!!! Don't put it away! Keep working on it so that when the weather does change, you'll be ready! XD

    Your new dolls are all lovely, and I can't wait to see the new girl!