Monday, September 8, 2014

A crack in the road...

Im just sort of letting you all know whats going on. My 94 year old grama had a stroke in August. So Ive been so super busy between work, being at the hospital, getting her into rehab, trying to help her with her well as more work and this freaking catalog I have to get done this week. She gets out on the 18th but is a fall risk, so now i have to work on selling her home and finding a place for her and getting her veterans assistance too. My hope is that eventually she will be able to go into a independent living, and this will give her time to recover and work with other therapy. So right now its trying to just find paperwork for everything.

I was at the gas station on Sunday heading into work, and there was this kitten by the pump laying on the ground. I tried to just get him to shoo off and he wouldnt go. All i could think was that he was going to get hit by a car because someone could pull in and not see him. I picked him up, sat in the car for 5-10 mins. He didnt mind it at all or the car ride. I kept telling myself "I took someones cat!" XD

Im taking him to the vet tomorrow, to see if he has a chip so I could reunite him with his owner, if not Im going to see if they will work in finding him a home, or I told him I would foster him until I found a home. For now his name is Latte.

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