Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bring in the New Year...

This is my first post of the new year! 

Im sure that Ive said this many times but I havent died Things had just been so overwhelming especially emotionally in trying to just deal with everything. Im trying to get my house fixed, as well as looking for a new job while dealing with the effects of the current job I have. We are cleaning out my gramas home to try and get it ready for the spring.
We did find her this really nice independent living place and she has a studio apartment. Its just beautiful inside and out. All the caretakers and even the other people living there are really nice. Theres activities everday, provided meals by a professional chef (she gave me some fish when i visited and it was fantastic). Sometimes Im like why dont regular apartment places have things like this, why do you have to wait until your 55.  Right now, we are just trying to get her back into the swing of things. Im trying to get her to be more active in what they provide, like craft days and even with other people. I know she goes to Jazzersice and the church service. I show her things that I think will help her keep track of the days or like a coffee pot but it just turns into a argument about wasting money on her. I know its one day at a time, and they said it takes about 6 months, so we just keep at it.
I have been keeping up with my knitting. I made some dresses, but Im going to revise what I did. They didnt end up being as long as I wanted. Once thats done Ill get those up in the shop. Currently Im tweeking a pattern of a loose kinda sweater so well see how it goes. Im always one to not like baggie things, and it always makes me think that what Im making doesnt fit or look right so I always have to ask everyone else how it looks because I dont trust my judgement. I did get the christmas sweaters up that I was making. Heather posted those on her blog.


  1. your woolen sweaters are amazing! visit me!

  2. Ha ha, my to do list is long too -- won't run out of projects anytime soon! Your sweaters are anything but ugly!

  3. Woohoo! It's good to see an update!!!!!